Celebrating the Meat-suit

When you’re a mom, you’re a mom above everything else. That means when you’re sick, you’re still a mom. Even when you’re chronically sick, you suck it up, you’re still a mom. I do what I can, when I can and rest as much as possible. I have a wonderfully supportive boyfriend and my kids […]

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Celebrate the Tortoise

Yesterday, something happened in our neighborhood that got more personal as the day wore on. It became almost surreal. On our way to school in the morning,  just before 8:00am, my daughter and I were passed by a fleet of emergency vehicles. While most of them flew past us when we pulled over to the […]

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Celebrating Needles

I’ve been going through this crazy health nightmare for almost a year. Whatever *this* is, it came on all at once with no outside influence that I know of. Like, I didn’t get hit by a car or suffer any other obvious trauma like that. I just felt like I caught a flu. So after […]

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Celebrate Flying Slushies

“Ghetto-hippie: when you try to be zen AF but you almost get into a physical altercation in the Target parking lot when someone litters. Yeah, folks, this is what I’ve become….” So, yes, this was my Facebook post yesterday. Let me entertain you with a little story and the 24 hours of self-discovery that followed. […]

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Celebrating Stuff (Kind Of)

“It’s not about the stuff, it’s about the process.” We lost my dad in February. I asked my stepmom if I could help her go through his things. She said yes. When I brought it up again, she said she was pretty much done but she had some stuff set aside for my brother and […]

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Celebrate Healing

While this might look like an “Orange Friday, baseball’s back, even year, go team” rally picture, it’s a whole lot deeper than that. This picture was taken after the San Jose Giant Race last year. I finished the 5 mile race. These were my trophies. I was a badass. I went home afterwards and my […]

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You’ll See

One day you’ll see That I didn’t choose him over you That I chose him because of you. Because you deserve to have a mother who is unbelievably happy Who is in love with life To teach you how to be unbelievably happy To be in love with life No, I don’t need a man […]

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