French Onion Chicken

Do you all have those recipes that pop up on your Facebook feed?  Quick 30 second videos that make delicious food look horribly simple?  And have you ever ended up on your kitchen floor covered in goop and in tears because they were not, in fact, that simple?  Just me? This past weekend, I put […]

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What It Means to Celebrate Life

Titles and Taglines Today’s step in the blogging fundamentals process is to tell you the story of my blog’s title.  Once upon a time, I saw a picture that said, “Until Further Notice, Celebrate Everything.” I’ve been through enough ups and downs in life to know that that was very sound advice.  But I also […]

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Hello World

  I’m starting a “blogging fundamentals” program through WordPress as a means to get my sea legs in this blogging world.  Today’s challenge is Who Am I and Why Am I Here?   My name is Stacy Stark and I’m a certified life coach and personal organizer.  I’m hoping to use this blog to provide […]

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A Not-So-Visible Transformation

On Transformation Tuesday, I want shift the focus from physical transformations, to deeper changes.  Yes, physical transformations are the ones that are easiest to quantify, and the pictures are fun and inspiring.  But at our core, we are so much more than our physical bodies.  Let’s own that!   Disclaimer:  First, let me just say […]

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