Blogging Fundamentals

​Traipsing through the Neighborhood

I was hesitant to continue the fundamentals challenge through the weekend. But day three’s assignment is to visit the neighbors. I was confident I could read a few blogs while my other half was watching college football. 

What I didn’t count on was me laughing out loud quite obnoxiously. I’m loving my fellow bloggers. You all are funny people.  

I especially love how each writer let’s their voice be heard.  Blogs aren’t like high school writing assignments where everyone essentially turns in the same dry paper. I’m happily surprised by the authenticity that’s coming through in the posts I’m reading. It has inspired me to embrace my authentic voice as well. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go next door and borrow some sugar.


2 thoughts on “​Traipsing through the Neighborhood”

  1. Have you looked into the blogging fundamentals program WordPress offers? I’m finding it helpful in what to write and how to use this platform. I wish I would have done it sooner.

    As far as ending up vulnerable, I completely understand. But it’s good for us to open up, as well as get out of our comfort zones. I’ve found this community to be more embracing than other social media platforms. No trolls in the comments =)


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