So, um how do you say it? Hygge?

I’ve spent some time this week discovering the Danish concept of “Hygge.”  It’s essentially the idea of being cozy in a charming environment and connecting with others.  Gather with your friends to drink cocoa and watch a holiday movie: hygge.  Sit on the couch all day playing on your phone: not hygge.  What I love […]

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Mom, What’s For Dinner? Vol. 4

Oh yeah, that menu planning thing again… Tonight is our monthly dinner with my bestie and it happens to be her birthday as well. The goddess wants Spaghetti Factory so the goddess shall have Spaghetti Factory.  I ain’t complainin’.  Tomorrow, we’re traveling up north a couple hours because momma wants a Christmas Tree with a […]

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Goal Setting 101

I ended my last post by saying that I plan to enter 2018 peaceful and moisturized.   It’s not too early to start thinking about goals for next year.  Can you believe 2018 is just a few weeks away?!  To prepare you, I offer you a crash course in goal setting. There are five criteria that […]

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Merry Pamper Month!

AAAAAGGGHHHHH! A new month starts tomorrow and I still suck at menu planning, my Flylady habit for November.  If you all will humor me, I’m going to try to stick with this one for a while longer and continue to post about it here for accountability’s sake. But tomorrow a new habit starts and it’s […]

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