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Three steps to Get ‘Er Done When You’re Just Not Feeling It

Today, I’m just not feeling it.  I’m sure have a million things I should be doing.  But, eh.  I don’t even want to look in my bag to see what they are.  So I’m going to pull out a couple mind games to knock out this to do list.  (The first thing I asked myself is if I had my maca today.  I did.  I guess even the magic of maca has its limits.  But I missed yesterday.  Is this a delayed effect? Oh, well.  Maca or no maca, I have to light a fire under my arse and get it going.)

My first trick is to pick the quickest, easiest item and just do it.  Sometimes, this will create enough momentum to get me going.  It’s kind of like when you start a weight loss program and you lose 4 pounds in the first week.  It ends up being the kick that’s needed to stick with it.  My easiest task is to call and set up some massage appointments.  Surely I can handle that.  I mean, my reward for getting it done is massages, right?

With the easiest task done, my next step is to do the hardest one.  I hate confrontation so if there is any chance of difficulty in my internal monologue of a phone call, I’ll put off the call.  Indefinitely.  Which causes more stress.  Which, I’m told, increases belly fat.  The last thing I, or my poor pants, need is more belly fat.  So I’m going to call our old dentist and straighten out our billing issue.  Nine times out of ten, these calls end up going waaaay smoother than I anticipate so all that worry, and belly fat, is for nothing.

With that finally done and behind me, I feel like a champion.  And, yes, it went way smoother than I anticipated.  My final step is to list the rest of the tasks I need to complete.  Then I set an alarm for the top of each hour and I knock one out.  Since the worst of them is done, the voices in my head usually cooperate with this plan quite nicely.

So now my to do list is done and it was way simpler than I anticipated.  Of course I’m quite sure I forgot something.  But tomorrow is another day.  When I remember anything I forgot, I’ll just add it to my planner for tomorrow, or put a post it on my computer to remind me.  If I’m already at home with my feet up when I remember, I’ll shoot myself a quick email reminder from my phone that will greet me when I get started in the morning.  (Ps, be nice to yourself in these emails.  The person your emailing may not have had her coffee yet.)





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