Foodie Friday, Menu Planning

Mom, What’s For Dinner? Vol. 2

So my last post was the instructions for the soup I ended up making Monday night.  Tuesday, I made the pork chops. Wednesday I did the French dips, which nobody ate because nobody was home, which is usually when I give up on menu planning.  Last night, Thursday, no one was hungry at dinnertime so the lasagna never happened either.  I’m thinking I’ll freeze the meat and juice for the French dips to buy myself another lazy day down the road.  But this time, I’m not giving up!

Here is what my people have to look forward to this week:

Sunday – Chili with corn bread.  There is just something about chili on the stove when it’s cloudy and we’re watching football.

Monday – Spaghetti Squash.  I’ve seen so many recipes for spaghetti squash lately that I’m going to be honest and say I have no idea how I’m fixing it as of right now.  But I promise I’ll have it figured out by Monday and there’s a good chance I’m going to butcher someone’s recipe in the process.

Tuesday – Leftovers.  Of course.

Wednesday – Beef Stew.  This is easy peasy in the crock pot.  Veggies, meat, water, 6 hours on high, add a teeny bit of flour to thicken the broth before serving.  Yum!

Thursday – Chicken Alfredo.  I’ll boil some fettuccine noodles, add Alfredo sauce, brown some chicken in the pan and we’re good to go.

Friday – Kitchen Closed.  Leftovers, starve, whatever.

I have all of the veggies and dairy items I’ll need thanks to planning and our farm box, so I’ll need to make a grocery store run just for meat.  Maybe it’s time to find a local meat market to keep things local.

I also have the carcass or a delicious roast chicken in my freezer so I think on Sunday I’ll make up a pot of chicken noodle soup to freeze for later also.  I’m just a-nesting away over here!

(ps, the coolest little cheat:  I think I mentioned that I wrote the menu plan for the month on our household calendar?  Well, last week, I took a picture of the month on my phone.  Now I can sneak peek at what we have going on, and what the menu plan is, even when I’m not at home.  #lifehack)


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