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Mom, What’s For Dinner? Vol. 3

Holy Yes, it’s Friday!

It’s been another week that I’ve basically sucked at menu planning.  Wait, no, I’m awesome at menu planning; it’s the shopping and execution that’s been giving me trouble.  So here’s how this week went down:  Sunday I made chili.  It was awesome.  Go me!  I peaked early.  Monday, I didn’t feel like cooking spaghetti squash and I didn’t feel like eating spaghetti squash.  So I didn’t.  I had leftover Chinese food from Friday, Danny wasn’t hungry and I don’t remember what Nattie ate.  Tuesday, I’m at work and I get a text asking if I’ll pick up cheese steaks on my way home.  Yes, I will!  Wednesday I had not purchased the meat for stew so my crockpot wasn’t loaded and I was talked into picking up Popeye’s for the kids for dinner.  Yesterday, Thursday we grabbed tacos and smoothies from the place down the street.  So, yeah, I’m giving myself an F+ for this week.

And….here’s the plan for week three:

Sunday – Butternut Squash Soup.  I have BBQ Ribs on the calendar, but my coworker let me try his soup earlier this week, then shared the recipe and a large butternut squash with me so it has to happen.  Since I prefer to try new recipes on the weekend, it’ll slide into the Sunday spot.

Monday – I’m thinking the chicken Alfredo I had planned for last Thursday will be quick and easy for a Monday.

Tuesday – It’s normally leftover day but my bonus son loves ribs so I moved these over to the next day he is with us.  Plus they’re easy: pop the ribs in the crockpot with BBQ sauce for 8 hours on low.

Wednesday – We’re planning to pick up tamales from the Mexican market for our pre-Thanksgiving feast.  Fun fact: the day before Thanksgiving is the second busiest day for pizza orders.  I guess no one wants to cook the night before they COOK.  (The busiest day is Halloween.)  I’m not a huge pizza fan but I’ll take tamales any day.

Thursday – We’re switching it up this year and making ham instead of turkey.  Along with mashed potatoes, green peas, scalloped cauliflower and Hawaiian rolls.

Friday – Um, ham sandwiches?  I’ll probably put together some split pea soup with extra ham as well, since I’m home that day.

Saturday – left-overs.

Menu planning?  Check.  And this week, the grocery shopping has to happen because skipping grocery shopping the week of Thanksgiving would be crazy.  So I expect to have a much better accountability report next week.  Fingers crossed by next Friday, we’re all fat and happy.


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