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Merry Pamper Month!


A new month starts tomorrow and I still suck at menu planning, my Flylady habit for November.  If you all will humor me, I’m going to try to stick with this one for a while longer and continue to post about it here for accountability’s sake.

But tomorrow a new habit starts and it’s my favorite one of the year: Pampering!  Amid all the holiday craziness, and winter dry skin issues, Flylady in her infinite wisdom has decided that this is the month where we should focus on taking care of ourselves. Yes, please!  Yesterday, just for fun, I tried to be more aware of the things I do for me, as a research mission to see where I can kick it up a notch.  I was just a little bit surprised to see that some of the things were developed from earlier Flylady habits that have sunk in over the years: Walking 15 minutes a day, drinking my water, making my bed.  Because of my OCD, I wanted to make a checklist of the things I do to make sure I do them every day this month, but I quickly shot that idea down because I don’t need the guilt that comes with not checking every box.  So, like yesterday, I’m just going to focus on awareness.

I started by making a mental list of things that make me smile and deciding how to work them into my normal routines.  Guess what?  As much as I suck at menu planning, I pretty much rock at self-care, from drinking my water every day to making sure I get some movement, from playing upbeat music as a distraction while I’m filing at work to winding down with tea and a chocolate in the evenings.  I’m even good at making sure all of our doctor and dentist appointments get booked, along with my acupuncture and massages.  So here are the things I’m going to try to add into my routine this month:  1. I will apply lotion immediately after I shower.  I’m much better at this in the summer because more of my body is exposed for longer, but I really need it in the winter when the cold air shrivels me up like a prune.  2.  I’d like to make meditating a habit so I will meditate for 10 minutes each day this month.

I plan to enter 2018 peaceful and moisturized. What are your self-care goals this month?


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