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French Onion Chicken

Do you all have those recipes that pop up on your Facebook feed?  Quick 30 second videos that make delicious food look horribly simple?  And have you ever ended up on your kitchen floor covered in goop and in tears because they were not, in fact, that simple?  Just me?

This past weekend, I put aside all of my previous trauma and attempted yet another one of those recipes and, wow!  It was simple and so delicious I refused to share the leftovers.  I’m posting the original blog with the recipe so you get the instructions how they were intended.  Read this first.  Trust me.


However, I have a couple food allergies and to be honest, I didn’t have all of the ingredients in the house so I improvised a little (not enough to substantially change the outcome).

The first thing I did was use Better Than Bouillon to make my beef broth.  I cannot have MSG and this is the only beef bouillon I’ve found without it.  You won’t be missing any flavor, though.  I mixed a couple teaspoons with water to make a little over a cup of bouillon.  Also, I only had about ¾ of one yellow onion.  That was plenty.

I sautéed my onion in 3 tablespoons of butter and about two tablespoons of beef broth until the onions were clear.  Then I removed just the onions to a bowl, leaving the “drippings” in the pan.  I added the chicken to the drippings.  I couldn’t find my Italian Seasonings so I had seasoned the chicken with salt, pepper and Pampered Chef Three Onion Seasonings.  Oh, I should add here that the pan I used was the Pampered Chef Rock Crock because it was big enough to handle the job and it’s oven safe.  This was actually the first time I’ve used it and we’ll be good friends now.  It only took 5 minutes on each side to brown the chicken.  Then I added the onions back and added a cup of beef bouillon and a couple tablespoons of gluten free flour.  I topped it with Mexican Melting Cheese and popped the whole thing in a 400 degree preheated oven for 10 minutes.

While doing all this, I also seasoned and roasted Brussels sprouts.  It was a pretty tasty dinner if I say so myself.

Now, if you’re a critical thinker, you’re thinking, “This lady is an organizational coach and she hasn’t shopped for ingredients and she can’t find her Italian seasoning?!” To which I shall reply, “You’re missing the point!” I’m sharing these modifications to reassure you that you don’t have to follow a recipe perfectly to nourish your family.  Don’t let a missing ingredient force you to resort to another pizza night.  There is a time and place for being meticulous about ingredients.  This random Sunday afternoon was not it.  We had a healthy meal, prepared with love, and next time I’ll try to pick up all three cheeses the original recipe requires.

Feeding yourself and/or your family should not be a chore.  Have some fun with it.


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