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What It Means to Celebrate Life

Titles and Taglines

Today’s step in the blogging fundamentals process is to tell you the story of my blog’s title.  Once upon a time, I saw a picture that said, “Until Further Notice, Celebrate Everything.” I’ve been through enough ups and downs in life to know that that was very sound advice.  But I also know that sometimes, we get caught up in the work, dishes, laundry, sleep, back to work cycle and we need a reminder.  I’ve made Celebrate Life my personal mantra, the title of my blog and the name of my company so I’ll be reminded constantly.

It even worked its way into my mission statement.  “I help women, who know there has to be more to life, relearn how to dream so they can live a life they’ll celebrate.”  This manifests in my daily life with my family.  We’ll toast at dinner because it’s Tuesday, we’ll greet the weekend by wishing each other a Happy Saturday (Ok I promise it’s not as nauseating as it sounds).  The point is, we’ve made a concerted effort to celebrate the gifts that each day brings, not just the holidays that are preprinted on our calendars.

It all circles back to self-care.  What are the little things that you do FOR YOU?  Maybe a facial mask on Tuesday while you watch your favorite TV show.  Maybe it’s a cup of your favorite tea before bed to celebrate that you cleaned up the kitchen after dinner.  Maybe it’s the mental high five you give yourself as you’re drifting off to sleep to celebrate that your family is tucked safely in their beds and you made it through another day.  These little things are you Celebrating Life.


We can all use inspiration so please share how you celebrate lifeUntil-further-notice-celebrate-everything in the comments.


2 thoughts on “What It Means to Celebrate Life”

  1. Thanks for the positive message! “Until further notice, Celebrate Everything” is definitely a great message to send. Our lives can reach such a fast pace at times that we have often forget to take a minute to slow down and celebrate the simple things in life. Appreciate the message!!


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