A Month of Decluttering

In September, I attempted The Minimalist’s 30 Day Minimalist Game.  Here’s how it works:  on day 1, you select 1 item to get rid of.  On day 2, you select two items, and so on until day 30 when you declutter 30 items.  When you do the math, the challenge works out to a total […]

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Celebrating Lent

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.  Traditionally, Catholics “give up something for Lent.”  The practice is meant to bring one closer to God in two ways: first to separate oneself from worldly pleasures or crutches and second to experience some of the suffering Jesus endured for our sins.  The most common things […]

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Lemon Garlic Rainbow Chard

Hello All! So you already know I’m obsessed with my Farm Fresh to You CSA deliveries.  However, I did notice that despite the crazy variety of items that are offered, I was kind of sticking with the same basics.  So, I made a rule for myself.  Every other week, I was going to try something […]

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Detoxing is No Joke

I’m in bed for day number two and it finally dawned on me what I did to myself.  My colitis flared up in July. For the most part I worked around it or ignored it. I usually manage it quite well with diet. This time, I just continued with my food free-for-all. That technique didn’t […]

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Mom, What’s For Dinner? Vol. 4

Oh yeah, that menu planning thing again… Tonight is our monthly dinner with my bestie and it happens to be her birthday as well. The goddess wants Spaghetti Factory so the goddess shall have Spaghetti Factory.  I ain’t complainin’.  Tomorrow, we’re traveling up north a couple hours because momma wants a Christmas Tree with a […]

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What It Means to Celebrate Life

Titles and Taglines Today’s step in the blogging fundamentals process is to tell you the story of my blog’s title.  Once upon a time, I saw a picture that said, “Until Further Notice, Celebrate Everything.” I’ve been through enough ups and downs in life to know that that was very sound advice.  But I also […]

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