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Out With the Old…Year, Attitude, Whatever….

Two days post-Christmas and I’ve moved past sadness into acceptance.  Am I really going through the stages of grief over Christmas’s past?  Why yes, it appears I am.  So what does acceptance look like?  I guess it looks like an almost maniacal obsession with the new year and Spring.  Luckily, I’m at my desk, working my nine-to-five because if I were at home, there would be no sign of Christmas left in my house.  I’m ready to evict the tree.  Our wreath is manzanita, not anything piney, so it can stay but it’s red ribbon may be replaced or I may add some Valentine’s Day hearts.  Not sure on that one yet.  I’ve already gotten an image in my head of a centerpiece for the dining room table that includes fresh herbs growing in pastel color tins I have a la Easter.  And my daydreams keep drifting to the garden I have planned that I’ve been told will not be executed until Winter is over.

To sum it all up, I’m just plain ready for a fresh start.  Not in an “Oh 2017 sucked, let’s bring on 2018!” kind of way.  2017 did not suck.  It was nice enough.  And I know miracles don’t necessarily occur with the changing of the calendar.  But I can’t help but feel like something awesome and amazing is just beyond the horizon.  Isn’t that the greatest feeling?!  Like if my life was a musical (who am I kidding, it totally is.  It’s just that sometimes only I can hear the music.) there would be pauses to let you know a huge musical number is just about to ramp up.


I’m normally a methodical, lists person.  But right now I’m more in tune with the changes I want to see in life.  I’m visualizing and getting excited.  Rumor has it, that’s the way to manifest some good sh*t.  To which I say, “Bring it!”  I’ll be dancing in the new year in a few days.  I intend to start warming up now and keep dancing from here on out.  May a blessed new year be in store for all of us!



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