Detoxing is No Joke

I’m in bed for day number two and it finally dawned on me what I did to myself. 

My colitis flared up in July. For the most part I worked around it or ignored it. I usually manage it quite well with diet. This time, I just continued with my food free-for-all. That technique didn’t help my symptoms and now that the holidays are over, I decided it was time to lay off the sugar and caffeine and get my body back in line. 

So now after three days of being “good,” I’m knocked down hard!  So here’s what I’m thinking happened:  

First, when I’m in a flare, my body doesn’t absorb nutrients like it should. I’ve been decent about taking my vitamins but as far as energy goes, I think I’ve been running on sugar and caffeine for six months.  Now that I’ve stopped those two things, my body doesn’t know where to get it’s energy. I’ll have to be patient while it adjusts to whole foods again. I’m thinking it’s smoothie time because that’ll give me a little natural sugar and they’re easier to digest because the food is already broken down. 

The other change I made is getting serious about my probiotics over the last few days. Part of the reason I feel like crap could be that those good guys are killing off the bad guys in my guts. This is nothing really new to me; I know I just have to ride it out. 

Lastly, I’m dealing with the usual 4 day caffeine hangover. One day to go on this one. It’s pretty routine too but every time I do it, I question how I let myself get back on the caffeine in the first place!  

So, yeah, I’m in bed feeling like crap because I’m trying to become a healthier version of myself. It sounds counter intuitive but it makes so much sense, really. As soon as I get over this hump, I’ll be whining about sore muscles as I start working out again. 😃


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