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There’s a Farmer’s Market on My Porch!

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I bought myself a present I’ve been eyeing for years.  The gift of “farmer’s market delivery.”  That’s just what I’m calling it.  I joined a CSA called Farm Fresh to You.

What on earth is a CSA, you ask?  It stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  I’m the community, supporting local agriculture.  As long as the farmers know they have built in customers, it helps them plan what to plant.  And it helps me because I get all the benefit of the farmers market without having to get out of bed early on a Saturday morning.  Win, win!

Here are the nuts and bolts of how it works:  our delivery is on Wednesday morning.  Our order period opens up the Thursday before at noon.  So Thursday evening, while my other half is enjoying football, my daughter, the resident fruitbat, and I log on and see what will be in next week’s box.  Then we customize it.  Take this week for example, I added more apples because we never have enough, and more onions (yup, Mama wants more French Onion Chicken), and I took out the cilantro because I use so much I actually just buy it freeze dried now.  I also added one of every type of pear they had because it’s pear season, my other half loves pears and I thought it would be fun to have a sampler.  In the few hours between when ordering opened and when we logged on, spaghetti squash sold out so that will wait for another day.  We tried not to get too carried away, but it was pretty fun.  Once our box is complete, we can click through to the next page and add just about anything you’ve ever seen at any farmer’s market.  We added maple syrup, mejol dates, yogurt and eggs.  Everything is organic and coming to us from local farms.  They have breads, homemade soaps, seeds, dairy products, jellies & jams, you name it.  It’s very hard not to get carried away at this stage!

Next, we wait….They deliver late Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning so our package comes in the cool of night and our goodies stay fresher.  Since my love is up before me, I woke up to two boxes, plus additional items, on my kitchen counter.  It was totally like Christmas!

I’ve only been half teasing that since they’ll deliver pretty much everything except meat, we may become vegetarians and I’ll never have to go grocery shopping again.  My boys aren’t amused by this, but Fruitbat and I are completely on board.

We can customize the size and frequency of our box as well.  Right now, we have the monster box being delivered weekly because I like food.  But we have the option of skipping deliveries, going every other week, or getting a smaller box if that works better for us.

So how do you get in on this awesomeness yourself?  If you’re in Northern California, go to and check them out.  If you decide they’re the one for you, please use my code Stac4899 for $15.00 off your first box.  Anywhere else in the world, just pop onto to find a CSA near you.

PS, I’m completely planning to use the eggs and bananas I got, along with maple syrup, to make this happen on Saturday:





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  1. I really like your style of writing. It is engaging and easy to follow. Congrats on everything. I look forward to reading more. 🙂


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