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So I’ve Decided I Want to Flip a House

Goal Setting in Action

I read once that how you spend your free time is your biggest clue as to what your natural purpose is.  It’s kind of obvious, really.  When you can do anything, what do you do?  For years, I was trying to figure out exactly how one becomes a professional sleeper, because that’s how I spent all of my very limited free time.    Then I got sick and spent a year at home on the couch.  That’s when I decided I suck at retirement so I no longer fantasize about it (yes, it was pointed out that being ill and being retired are two different things, but are they really?  If I retire at 69 like our government thinks I am? But that’s a tangent for another day).  Sick me spent her time sleeping, whining, at doctor’s appointments, writing and watching tv.  Oh, the life of an invalid.  But more recently, I decided the clue might be in what I’m watching on tv.

Since I was young, I’ve been obsessed with HGTV.  At one point I thought I’d like to be a designer but I quickly became a realist regarding my artistic abilities.  But I AM a numbers person.  A complete nerd obsessed with making over homes, hmmm…  So yeah, I was destined to be a house flipper before house flipping was a prime time thing.

The next glitch in my “live your passion” plan was revealed:  it takes money to make money.  How am I going to buy the house I want to flip in the first place?  Back in my early 20s, I bought the Carleton Sheets No Money Down CDs and I was wise enough to know that it was pretty damn risky, and slightly shady, so I backburnered the idea.  But now fast forward to me being an actual grown up who was fortunate enough to buy her own home during a low point in the market, so I have a substantial amount of equity built up.  Hmmmm, money…check.

So now to find a house.  The hours of research I’ve conducted, which to most looks like me lounging around watching Flip or Flop on HGTV, has taught me to find the worst house in the best area.  Easy enough, right?  I do realize that there will be patience involved.  In the meantime, I should probably look into getting a CPA, a contractor and a Realtor lined up.

When it comes down to it, you know what the hardest part of following through on a goal is?  Not chickening out.  When we set a goal, it’s usually because we feel like something needs to change.  In my case, it could be because I’m not passionate about my day job and I want a new one.  It could be that I just feel like I need a project.  Either way, this plan satisfies both of those needs.  But at the end, when I follow through and fulfill the goal, actually flip a house, life changes.  Now, obviously, if the plan works, there will be good changes.  More spending money, yay!  Less debt on my house, yay!  But there’s that chance, no matter how slim, that the plan will fail and life will get harder.  Change is scary regardless of whether the changes are good or bad.  That’s just a human thing.  But going forward knowing the change may be negative?  Now that’s some really scary, terrify-you-into-inaction, kind of shit.  And when a plan requires patience, like mine does, there is plenty of time to talk oneself out of it.

So how do we overcome this obstacle?  Easy, designate an accountability partner.  I have put my boyfriend in charge of making sure I don’t chicken out.  I learned a few years ago, when I was trying to become a healthier version of myself, that he’s really good as an accountability partner.  He made me question my own excuses and not everyone has the ability to do that tactfully.  I’m blessed to have a built in support system.  For you, it could be your sister, your mom, maybe even your dog (look into those big brown eyes and try to justify the bs you’re telling yourself.  Go ahead, I dare you).  At another point in my life, I hired a life coach for this very thing.  I was in a rut and I needed her to help me get me out.  It helped so much that I became certified to do the same for others.  If you feel like that might help you, give me a call.

In the meantime, I’m jumping back on until I can go home and watch HGTV.



1 thought on “So I’ve Decided I Want to Flip a House”

  1. I really like your style of writing. It is engaging and easy to follow. Congrats on everything. I look forward to reading more. 🙂


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