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As Sugar-Fest 2017 Comes to a Close…

If you read way back in my archives, you’ll learn the story of the time I started running and cut out most carbs, resulting in a 35 pound weight loss.  You’ll also learn the story where I developed a condition called pseudotumor cerebri.  One of the medications I was put on for that killed my appetite so I allowed myself to eat whatever sounded remotely good, just to be sure I was eating something.  And of course that mindset has spiraled out of control, despite the fact that I’ve been off that medication for about a year and a half.  I recently had to buy new pants and that was my real wake up call.  I gave myself permission to enjoy the treats of the season but it all ends December 26th.  Please note: I’m enjoying the treats of the season, not shoveling them mindlessly into my face.  When the Christmas holiday is over, so is the sugar free for all.


Here’s the thing:  I loved how I felt after I detoxed from sugar last time.  The first few days are a little rough, but after that, I actually have more energy.  I will still use a little bit of agave or honey occasionally, but once I stop craving sweets, I don’t need it.  Knowing the difference it made in me last time is what will keep me motivated through the first week or so this time.  It also helps that as we were holiday-food shopping, I picked up a 5 pound container of lard and realized I’m carrying an extra three of those with me at all times.  Talk about an eye-opener!  I’m tempted to buy one to keep on the kitchen counter.

Fingers crossed and say a prayer and I’ll be back in the new year to share progress and some sugar-free recipes with you.


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