Celebrate Healing

While this might look like an “Orange Friday, baseball’s back, even year, go team” rally picture, it’s a whole lot deeper than that. This picture was taken after the San Jose Giant Race last year. I finished the 5 mile race. These were my trophies. I was a badass. I went home afterwards and my kids were with my mom and I spend the rest of the day doing homework for law school. Did I mention I was a badass?
A week.later, I got a headache. After countless scary episodes, doctor appointments,  tests, vision loss, I still have that same fucking headache.  I haven’t worked, I withdrew from law school.  I’m not feeling like such a badass anymore.
But this picture? It’s the real me. So I’m posting it everywhere I can to remind myself. It’s time to recharge my fight. I’m going to be a badass again. Obviously the path I was on wasn’t working so it’s time to try another one. But I’m not giving up. And I’m not accepting that how I’m feeling is “it.” Take that headache. I’m going to win.



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