You’ll See

One day you’ll see
That I didn’t choose him over you
That I chose him because of you.
Because you deserve to have a mother who is unbelievably happy
Who is in love with life
To teach you how to be unbelievably happy
To be in love with life

No, I don’t need a man to do that
But we all need companionship
A best friend
Someone to turn to on our darkest days
Someone to laugh with on our brightest days
A partner in crime
And it should never be a son’s responsibility
To fill that void

It’s my hope that when you look back
You’ll look back with the eyes of a man
With perspective to see
That together we wanted the best for you
That together we tried to teach you about
Unconditional love
Second chances
Blind faith
And pure acceptance
That it was never about someone else
Taking your place in my heart
That could never happen.
One day you’ll see.



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