Celebrating the Real Truth About Cats and Dogs

I interrupt the 30 day blogging challenge for a life lesson yet again.

Lately I’ve seen the true colors of a lot of people in my life. Enough so that I started pondering about the fact that I like the new me better than the old me, but I like my old friends better than my new friends. That kind of confused me a little bit. If I’ve changed, why do I like the old friends so much better? Then today I think I figured it out.

A puppy can grow into a dog but a dog cannot change into a cat. I haven’t changed, I’ve grown. My old friends know the me I am at my core. The part that will never change.

Now the new people in my life,  other people had warned me about. But when I met them, it seemed they changed. I trusted them instead of the warnings I had received. I thought maybe they had grown and changed too.  And I got burned. A dog can’t change into a cat.

I guess the moral of my story is that growth and change are not the same thing. People grow. Aspire to grow. It’s a wonderful thing. But don’t expect people to change.


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