Celebrate Life

Why on Earth do I call my blog Celebrate Life? The 30 Day blogging challenge continues…

Recently, mostly due to being home on disability, I’ve been able to really prioritize the people and things that are in my life. I’ve been able to refine who I am. I mean, if I’m completely honest,  it’s about all I’ve accomplished in the last year but it’s kind of a big thing so I can’t say the year has been wasted.

I’ve been through enough ups and downs to knows that every crazy little aspect of life should be celebrated because life is way too short.  I have learned a lot and I know there are a lot more lessons to come. And now my eyes are open to them.  I’m hoping to be able to share the lessons I learn here as I learn them (and maybe save you some trouble?).  At the very least I hope to inspire you to open yourself to recognizing that there’s always something to celebrate in every situation.


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