Walk, Don’t Run

A year ago this weekend, I ran a 5 mile race. A week later I got sick. I thought it was just a flu but it ended up being the kind of sick that knocked me on my ass for a year. I’ve spent the last year on the couch, sleeping most of the time. Sometimes I think, “If I could just go for a walk, I’ll get some energy and build from there.” I honestly tried. Repeatedly. And I always ended up even more drained and miserable. Until this week.
Tuesday my love and I walked 1.5 miles. Thursday I did it again. Today I’m not miserable but I’m going to rest but I plan to do it again tomorrow. You have no idea how excited I am about this. Talk about a non scale victory!
In addition,  since I’m walking instead of running, I’m using the time to truly appreciate how beautiful the park near our home truly is. So maybe this year wasn’t wasted after all.  I needed to slow down. To grow. To learn to appreciate what’s around me. To learn to be happy instead of just existing.
I’ve said it quite a few times this year and I’ll say it a few more I’m sure: Trust the Process!



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